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September 2023

September article


"There is a bounty on my head"/ The Analyst
 publication date September 2023 

Available at Amazon worldwide: 

The Analyst: there is a bounty on my head: Day, Dr Madalina, Therapy, New Beginnings: 9798861409643: Books

Below a few paragraphs - not that I have not offered enough in terms of solutions...:)

Chapter 1: There is always another way


What I am reiterating above are not new statistics/ideas, on the contrary, I have tried, and in the best possible ways, through my practice, alerting the NHS and its clinical staff to all such views - all continuous during my honorary contract and post-honorary contract. Outcomes are also published via books and blogs. The NHS and I are not, by all means, in good terms, in fact, it can be decisively stated that there are no terms, except an outstanding invoice at one NHS Trust’ finance department and legal department for daring to address me on three consecutive instances after my termination of my relationship with that Trust." page 9-10, The Analyst

Most likely available in audio format by the end of 2023.

Day, M. (2023). There is a bounty on my head/The Analyst. NBT: London. 

Copyright © Dr. Madalina Day

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