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 What makes a woman

This month is dedicated to Twenty Years Aniversary of New Beginnings Therapy reading Women's Studies and theoretical writings on what makes a woman

It is not in singularity of women, but in unity of women's stories and lived experiences where answers are. I've studied women's studies as an undegrad at one of the best universities I know of  - University of Westminster, London- completed with honours a  major in psychology started almost two decades ago. I continued postgrad with Gender studies and my love and passion for knowledge stays with all such learnings - to me are one and the same and here is a good article to understand as to why that may be:

I am aware of difference and distinctions, I am aware of why "woman" is problematic but this month is dedicated to learning and education, activism and real stories. This space is not restricted - it is open to all.

 February is a month of beginnings - I see it as a bridge between winter and spring, but the symbolism is about reckoning with an end and a beginning and perhaps start anew for a time ahead: finding a voice, reading a writing that was always there to read and write; stories from all around the world, it is not confined -  it speaks to history, science and human geography. It is about equality, justice, a fairer world for all.


What makes a woman?

 "An understading (shared) of what oppression is and stories that stand testimony to such understadings".

What makes a woman?

"An/other woman".


What makes a woman?

"Generations of women"


I invite readers to reflect on their own answer/s








































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