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"Why Scotland Should be a Free Independent Nation"(FIN)

Because the Will of the People spoke in 2016 referendum for Remain and not for Leave. Because Scotland may feel deceived as a devolved administration by the Westminster Parliament, because Scotland was never part of the UK in heart and Spirit and, because Scotland will never will. Scotland will always vote with the brave, the heartful, the fairer and worthy, and that is never going to be the UK right NOW. The UK is an Ideal out of reach - neither truly exists. Scottish people are kind, selfless and generous  - that is not the UK right NOW. It may be that is not the SNP, but at minimum: the Scottish people have a  right to decide for themselves right NOW and not in a decade. This month, July 2022, it showed an aspect of the UK politics and for that alone, I am dedicating this part-article to my son's family. My son, 18th years of age tomorrow and blood of the Scottish people, is a marked memory of a  running legacy alongside the blood of  my veins. My son's Blood is now for my mind: a sacred and safe legacy. I am not an Unicorn, but I shall fight for my son's Unicorns in the absence of a father's fight. 

Radical? Yes, I  - mother(s) -  AM  exactly that: both radical and mindful, but always a MOTHER.

"Before we go there, let's see how we got here!" 

"It Didn't Start with You", Mark Wolynn 2016

Madalina Day, July 2022 - Letter to my family

"I am not perfect"

As I am celebrating today a history into making, I am saying that life of an Ocean may look much dearer than life of a seagull, nevertheless, all had its message. Remembering a holiday with my son in the island of Skye of the Highlands, I do love my son for an eternity for the same beauty he showed me during his first breath.

 Life is sacred. Land and history are a preservation for the living with memories remaining within us for times to come. Seagull rotates above an ocean, its movements, like the waves, are a calling: perhaps to the rivers mouthing and versing their waters downstream as part of a response.  Everything goes somewhere from a beginning to its end  - is it towards an end or towards an end for a new beginning?

 The Black Forest gave birth to the Danube and, only after, the Danube travelled its countries allowing a well deserved rest into the Black Sea; was it really Danube's first and final rest? No, far from it... Where is the Black Sea now?  Into the Ocean...or at minimum linked to it. 

"A Black Sea and not a Black Lake..."

Madalina Day, July 2022  - Letter to my son.

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