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Thoughts on finances for private practice (therapeutic) services: 


There are no such specific thoughts, professionals in my profession and in private practice are foremost regulated by principles of ethics and fairness construed and established through the very principles that we adhere to in our practice.

 We operate and adhere to ethics and our own guidance/guidelines that also include financial care principles referred to both ourselves as legal entities and our clients/users of our services, always observing all interests of one form of another and sometimes not direct, but also indirect, ensuring that there are no liabilities within our terrain of practice - at all levels. 

Costs do not have to be monetary; investments are not necessarily of monetary value - and that is the key word: "value". In therapy value/s are psychological constructs with a myriad of meanings and interpretations. A thorough evaluation of all such principles and aspects to our practice is articulated in February 2020 blog the colour of spring: service evaluation. 

Since writing February article numerous other considerations have come to our attention but none whatsoever had changed nor challenged our clear status on matters of principles and ethical guidance - our alliance to such statutory and guidelines facts have been reinforced and can only positively assist in an identification of morally wrongs and ethically derailed actions, if anything. 

 As practitioners we have a duty to our clients, to our partners members of all kinds and to ourselves and our families to keep safe and protect from harm. One has to remember that harm comes in many forms.

Just some thoughts.

Thoughts on finances for private practice therapeutic services

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