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Being Yourself Exercise (BYE) and V.A.L.I.D.A.T.E - an analytical tool aimed at recreating your desired work/life balance. A self-help tool for both individuals and organizations. An incredible method with vast application from simply rethinking your work role to developing yourself in such a role rather than developing the employment role. It is a strategy that seeks finding your truth and realigning your work schedule to your true values. It is an introspective task - inward (Values) and outward (standards/policies/regulations etc.) Being yourself is about finding the right path and enjoying what you do - sometimes it is simply about finding a new direction or career pathway. For organizations, it can be about restructuring, developing and transitions or yet, redefining your scope. It can be applied by all, from an individual to all types of companies, institutions and organizations - all entities in its entirety or specific aspects. Below an example from Listing/L.

Being Yourself Exercise allows for a decisive transition from Qs of "What if......(negative scenario) to Qs and Reflective practice on "What's Next (for I/my organization/our organization). It can simply be a method of development of specific aspects/areas of work. It can be applied by entire structures including whole countries or international entities/global level of development. For individuals, such introspection is focused on Values, and for organizations on Standards. A successful outcome is a realignment of the two sides. V.A.L.I.D.A.T.E is an analytical tool; it can be applied as a method of research to events/situations and conflicts. It can be about historical events or present events. In its essence, BYE is a predictive method of analysis.

September 2022

Being Yourself Exercise and V.A.L.I.D.A.T.E.

Why such strategy is (also) a self-help tool? 

Available in English paperback and audiobook

Available in Spanish paperback

Available in French paperback and audiobook

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