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Co-Existence Narrative: October 2022

This month is a month of reflective practice on concepts outlined above. We hope a good experience for all.

Today, 12th of October 2022, we came to first reflection point in relation to how better we can service a system of Health Care worldwide: 

1. Eliminating all insurance policies and associations to insurance as professional liability

The above insurance makes no sense to anyone employed in private or acting in private healthcare services - if it is a legal point or a need to be serviced - each individual professional can respond or not - hence a promise to be covered is redundant and takes your available funds for a service no insurance policy will ever be able to fulfill - because there is a system in place called justice system/law. 

So, our reflective practice is that anyone in private healthcare practice can and could do with signing off from their professional liability insurance policy with immediate effect because as a professional you are acting in the best of your knowledge and practice, and by insuring yourself against malpractice you are simply acknowledging such a possibility as a human error - which by law is acknowledged as it is.

But by insuring yourself, what you are factually doing is that a.) you are feeding an industry that does not exist; b) you are contravening and contradicting your practice; c) most probably by paying insurance policy you are actually paying money for a probability of which you are covered by law - independently as to where you are existing. REMEMBER the Insurance Industry does not exist as DeFacto and your finances are used to feed into a cyclical economy - but more importantly - such funds are not checked on your side to their investment, hence exposure to financial links that can indeed affect your practice. 

Keep your savings and monthly insurance payments for building up a holiday or save for health reasons for when you need it - do not pay individual/professional liability insurance, ever. Not for individual professional liability in private practice - that is human rights and if you work through an agency or company, any legal process goes through that IT legal insurance. Be smart, as an individual you will never win unless you are acknowledging your humanness.

Just saying some facts and yes, case studies facts. There is one other way on checking the above facts: a) read your insurance policy, again; b) check name of policy holder and name of policy insurer; c) and then check who is facilitating your insurance. And when you are done checking, if by any measure you are confused - cancel your policy.

Autumn news...

Day, M. (2022). "On the subject of co-existence: Why Human Rights Act 1988 exist".  New Beginnings Therapy: London. retrieved from

Above is a case study - read your insurance policy. This is a warning.

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